Introduction to PROFIsafe Part-1

I got many mails to introduce the PROFIsafe in my blog. So hear it is now:


PROFISafe can be defined as the addition of enhanced diagnostic in the PROFIBUS, allowing it to be used in the safety systems upto SIL-3 Level as per IEC-61508.Safety systems requires a very secure data transport method where probability of having undetected error should be very low.

To meet these high level of safety, the system must detect following errors:

  1. Repetition of message
  2. Loss of Messages
  3. Insertion of message
  4. Incorrect Sequencing of message
  5. Corruption of transmitted data
  6. Delay in receiving and transmitting data
  7. Mixing standard messages with safety related messages
To check these error following method has added:
  1. Loop Back of data
  2. Additional error checking
  3. Consecutive numbering of messages
  4. time expectation of message
  5. Identification of transmitter and receiver