An optimistic person who truly believes that Life is Beautiful so Smile and keep smiling !!! Someone who loves to laugh and make others laugh .

Sometimes I just wonder how much our attitude and perception matter in life. I think its the attitude which makes all the difference. Same things are seen and felt differently by different ppl depending on their attitude. I think that I see all the things with a positive attitude and that what keeps me really happy. I truly believe “Its all in the mind” and so is the happiness.


Talking about my favorite pastimes, I enjoy listening to music the most .I can chit-chat any time.I like to read about latest technologies. Sleeping is another thing , I really enjoy. Last but not the least leg pulling and Tasty  food!!!

Are you wondering that I haven’t mentioned anything about my professional life ? Well you can check out my professional profile here

One day I want to run a marathon. One day I want to try skydiving and Bunji Jumping to feel the real adrenaline-rush. One day I want to write a book with the title “Life is beautiful”, that will make everyone SMILE

More about me coming up soon …


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